Thinking About Buying the New Kia Cerato? Check This Out!

When it comes to small cars that are at par with known brands like Toyota Corolla, Mazda 3, and Hyundai i30, the Kia Cerato is something that buyers should look into. Not only is it affordable, but the steering and ride are also greatly improved. Topped with a seven-year warranty as well as safety aids, who wouldn’t love the updated Kia Cerato? That is probably the reason why a lot of activity has been going on for Kia dealers Brisbane Northside has today as the updated Kia Cerato reached Australian shores.

Bloggers and car enthusiasts couldn’t wait to get their hands on the updated Kia Cerato. The 2017 Kia Cerato model is highly improved and it is no wonder a lot of people took notice. It now sports a dynamic exterior, starting from the grilles down to the taillights and reprofiled bumpers. What should you expect from the new Kia Cerato that Kia dealers Brisbane Northside has to offer? Read below to find out.

Updated Interior

Expect that the cabin is designed to stand the test of time, using materials that are highly durable. Whatever updates done on the Kia Cerato, practicality and function is still the designer’s top-most consideration. Safety is also another thing you have to look into when buying a car. Good thing that the Kia Cerato has extra safety additions. All Cerato models are fitted with six airbags and brag a five-star ANCAP rating.

Value for Money

The car mode is probably one of Australia’s best-value new vehicles. Despite the numerous modifications, it remains affordable. It’s seven-year warranty is also one of a kind as other brands only offer a warranty of up to five years. Low price and great features always go a long way when it comes to cars.

Comfortable Driving

A lot of consumers may think that buying affordable cars compromise the riding experience. However, the Kia Cerato for sale Brisbane dealers offer today stands above the rest. It provides good support and the seats at the back are comfortable even for long distance rides.

Because its suspension is not stiff, you can comfortably relax while riding as the car absorbs bumps and imperfections along the way. The headroom at the backseats is adult-friendly and there is also ample leg room so passengers can enjoy the ride. If you only have two people riding on the back, the fold-out armrest with two cupholders will let them enjoy their lattes or beverages while on the road.

The above are just a few impressive details about the updated Kia Cerato. You can visit any Kia dealers Brisbane Northside has today to request for a test drive so you will know how comfortable driving a Cerato can be.

If you want to check on another model, like the Kia Sorento or Kia Rio for instance, you can also check the available Kia Sorento for sale Brisbane dealers offer today. Make sure to test drive any Kia Sorento or Kia Rio for sale Brisbane dealers offer to ensure that you will be comfortable while on the road.

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