Offset printing is a revolutionary trend in printing technology

Printing technology has witnessed enormous transformation with the introduction of offset printing technology. Offset printing is generally called as ‘three process printing’; in the first process, the image is transferred or offset to a plate and  in the second stage the image is transferred onto a rubber sheet or blanket. Finally in the third process, the image is transferred to the blanket cylinder also called as printing surface. It is said that more than 50% of printing is now being done by offset printing technology. The services of offset printing Brisbane firms provide are efficiently adopted for printing letterheads, booklets, flyers, brochures, labels and various other materials.

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Elegant printing:

In addition to these, the firms which offer services of offset printing Brisbane wide also use this technology for printing on envelopes, magazines, labels on packaging, duplicate/triplicate books and such other products. Matters printed with offset printing technology are known for their clarity and also for their elegance. This technology has helped in accelerating the printing process.

Some of the printing firms which offer services of offset printing Brisbane wide are specialized in this printing technology. They have been in the printing business for several years, and this has helped them to gain abundant expertise in every aspect of printing technology. Some of the unique features of the printing works executed by these printers are briefly explained here:

  • Offset printing is a versatile technology because it provides various forms of printing options. The printers undertake offset printing with either single or with multicolor options. At the same time, they also undertake the job with binding option, which is customized to the task in question.
  • The printers have installed modern state of art offset printing machines, which provide multiple printing options. For example, some of the printers have installed web fed offset printing machine, which is considered to be ideal for printing in very large volumes and on continuous stationery. There are also sheet fed offset printers which are ideal for small to medium printing tasks. In fact, some of the printers have installed both types of offset printers.
  • The printers have adequately trained and experienced staff known for their efficiency in every aspect of printing job. In offset printing technology the printer will not use any toner; it uses just the appropriate ink. As a result, the printed impression or matter will stay for several decades, and it will not even fade. On the other hand, this printing technology has a quick dry process wherein the ink will dry very quickly without giving any room for smudging. Normally, offset printing is equated with laser printing technology. This highlights the efficiency of offset printing technology.

Several positive reviews:

Web fed offset printing machines require considerably wider floor space. It is for this purpose some of the reputed printers have established their printing units on a large plot of land. Every printing job undergoes very stringent supervision so as to ensure no error would creep into the printed matter or image. The printers have earned several positive reviews in recognition of their excellence in completing the assigned task. Interestingly, the service charges of these printers are considerably lower. You may visit these printing services to know more about the printing tasks undertaken by them.

What It’s Like to Own a Custom Invoice Book

When running a business, it is important that you keep track of your sale transactions. With a sales invoice book, you can easily record the finances of a buyer and seller and also carry it around when you are not in the office. Getting yourself a duplicate invoice book makes it easier so if you are offsite one employee onsite can help keep track of the money coming in and out. If you want to request invoice book printing, you can get one at Posterboy Printing. It comes in different colours and is designed with wraparound writing board.

If you want a brand new invoice book designed, you can have it customized at Posterboy Printing. Having a customized invoice book has its perks, here are the list of benefits you can get with owning a customized invoice book printing:

1. Branding is Involved

Using customized invoice books help in building branding and customer loyalty. With a customized invoice book, you can have the freedom to add your company logo, slogan, and colours in the design. Invoice books also serve as calling cards, you can place company details to make it easier for customers to contact you. With branding applied it makes your invoice book stand out from the others.

2. It is Easy to Remember

As mentioned, with a customized invoice book printing branding is involved. When presenting your invoice, it already has your identity so it will be easy for potential clients to recognize you more. Taking a look at your customized invoice that is applied to the company logo and contact details will make them remember you easily and make your company stand out from your competition. Added effort to the presentation of your invoice makes the company look hardworking.

3. Improved Customized Template

If you are quite particular of how you want the layout of your invoice to look like, you can have the freedom to make the layout as you own. If you find the letters and numbers of a generic invoice book to small, you can make it bigger for your convenience. You can select from a variety of ready-to-use templates or have Posterboy Printing recreate the layout of your invoice for you. If you have a certain vision for the look of your invoice layout, contact Posterboy Printing to help you out.

4. The Quality of the Paper

Some generic invoice books have poor paper quality that can be a disadvantage for you and your client especially if it feels unpleasant. This might make clients perceive that you do not care about the quality of your products. Posterboy Printing uses 60GSM carbonless paper for their invoice books, better quality means happier customers. When writing finance reports it feels great when it is written on smooth material.

Once you place an order it will take 5 working days to have it made. For more information on the service of Posterboy Printing’s invoice books, you can visit their website and set an order online at

Install Power Factor Correction to Reduce Energy Bills

How effectively are using the electrical power that is supplied by the utility companies to your business location? This is what the power factor measures. When it comes to the large scale power usage in the industrial setting, it is possible to cut down on your energy bills by simply reducing your power factor surcharges. These will typically show up on your utility accounts as the peak demand charges. As a result, peak demand reduction is an obsession that most large industrial enterprises have as a way of cutting down on their power costs.

Due to this small window of opportunity to save on your energy costs, power factor correction is currently in very high demand by many industrial enterprises in Australia. With the power factor correction, it will be possible for you to send back the power loads that surge through your electrical circuit while reducing the reactive loads for which you are charged on your electricity account via the network charges. The correction will enable you to cut down on your energy consumption and also save money.

With these corrective measures, it will be possible for you to cut down on the voltage drops which sap away at your consumption efficiency and increase your energy costs. Due to the expected revision of the network charges by Energex, electricity costs are expected to begin having a significant impact on the bottom line of many businesses which will start feeling a real pinch in the power charges. In order to maintain profitability and energy efficiency, many Australian businesses simply cannot do without power factor correction.

For PFC installations that reduce demand charges, it is important to contact professional installers with a track record of reliable installations of the PFC equipment. Due to the growing need to conserve energy, and the fact that energy wastage now has a biting effect on the profitability for many businesses, ensuring energy efficiency is often a question of business sustainability. It is therefore important that every business takes responsibility of its energy usage by investing in equipment that improves energy efficiency. Failure to make timely investments in the power factor correction equipment will see you grappling with higher network charges in order to compensate for the high energy usage.

Professional installers can always provide you with a tailored solution for power factor correction which is designed to meet your specific business needs. This will ensure that you cut down on the distributor demand and get the most value out of every dollar that you spend on your energy consumption. This investment is absolutely necessary because low power factor can spell dire consequences for the cost of doing business.

The most obvious consequence of a lower power factor is that most of these distribution networks in Queensland will charge you for this and this adds an avoidable cost of doing business and eats into your margins. Apart from the increase in the costs of energy, a low power factor will also stress your internet electrical infrastructure thus shortening its life-span through equipment degeneration and increasing the possibility of electrical failure. With lower power factor, you will experience lower voltage levels than is normal and this is likely to lead to very unreliable performance of your electrical equipment. Visit our website at